About Us

We are a very small server at the moment. but your donations will help us.


Your donations help us do the fallowing:

  1. Keep the server’s slots(We have none yet, We have no money)
  2. Keep up this site(we are currently useing the free versiuon because we have no money)
  3. Find and use more premium plugins.
  4. Keep our advertisement up for more players to join.

For every donation, there is a rank. for Example:

$5.00 = 9th rank

$10.00 = 8th rank

and so on until you reach 1st.

Each rank comes with it’s own privilages and name. The higher the donation, the higher the perks.

If you would like to donate, please proceede to our donation tab. Thankyou!

How you can help us:

There are two ways you can help,

  1. By donating
  2. By sharing our ip and website. by spreading the word

By sharing our server, we dont mean go on other servers we mean like with your friends, if you do anyways, we ARE NOT responsible for your consiquences. Please advertise RESPONSIBLY!


If you would like to be a part of the staff, we are currently looking for moderators. If you are 18 or older, you automaticly apply for the position.  Please go to the contact tab and send us a E-Mail if you apply and want the position. There is no income for this position,  but there are perks to being Moderator. Once hired,  There are rules that need to be fallowed. This will be discussed durring your application.


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